Friday, August 8, 2014

Pretty trash

I couldn't take it anymore!

This ugly plastic car wash trash bag just wasn't cutting it, refused to stay where I put it and was just depressed me to look at.  But a gal needs a car trash bag to help keep her vehicle up as best as she can while still toting around two kidlets who can be pretty messy, right?
The other day I was flipping through a bunch of books and magazines looking for a specific quilt pattern and one that I looked through was this copy of 101 Patchwork Projects & Quilts, published in 2011 by Quilting Arts Magazine.
Inside I saw this picture.  I knew immediately that I needed one of those for myself and it would be the answer to my ugly car trash bag problem.
I grabbed a couple of pretty coordinating leftovers from the Kate Spain Charm Swap and within minutes the pieces were sewn and ready to quilt.  I didn't have the flannel the pattern called for so I used batting scraps instead. 
Some straight lines were the order of the day and were done quickly. 
My plan was to add cross hatch lines in the opposite direction but after I completed the first line I decided that I didn't care for it and chose to leave it with just the the horizontal lines only. A little unsewing was in order but at least it was only one row. 
Ta Da! Here is my new and much improved car trash bag.  I love the result and it makes me so much happier to look at. Sometimes I'm an easy gal to please. 
Isn't this so much better than that nasty plastic thing?
The prints are oriented sideways because it was all the width that I had of these scraps but I'm ok with that. 
This little project was super fast to whip up and I know that I'll be making a few more. I'm sure that everyone in my family needs a nicer car trash bag plus hubs wants a bigger version for his truck. It will be made with more man-ish fabrics of course. 
I lined it with another favorite Kate Spain print. The only other thing that I did different from the pattern was I made a fabric strap instead of using the ribbon called for. 
I knew that the ribbon wouldn't hold up as well plus it is just pretty. And to be totally honest, I didn't want to wait to finish it til I went to the store to buy the matching ribbon.

I'm already planning a few other new car trash bags for myself, perhaps one for each season. People change out their home decorations seasonally so why can't I do the same in my car?

Thursday, August 7, 2014

There's a Ghastlie whisper in the air

The leaves are a rustling and the fog is rolling in.
There is a whisper in the air and a low cry of "Nooooo" being heard amongst quilt blog land.

If you haven't heard yet, it seems like this newest line, Ghastlie End, is truly going to be the end. Rumor has it that it will be the final installment in the wondrously ghoulish Ghastlie line.

To celebrate (if you want to call the end of one of my absolute fabric lines a celebration) my friend Kathy of Kwilty Pleasures is going to be hosting a Ghastlie Swap.
Kwilty Pleasures
Sign ups open on August 15th and spots will be limited to 30 people. You KNOW that I've already let her know that I'm claiming spot #2 (since she obviously gets to have spot #1).

If you are a Ghastlie lover like I am, you won't want to miss out on this creepy fun.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Danny's Quilt - the final pictures

I finally got the opportunity to take some better pictures of my Tribute to Danny quilt at the recent annual softball tournament to benefit the scholarship in my nephew's name. It is the quilt I put together 2 years ago with blocks made by some of my readers and it was raffled off at that year's tournament. The binding on this quilt was completed that very morning as we drove to the event and the label was sewn on during the game breaks so I never got a chance to take some proper pictures of it.
For those of you that are my newer readers, I put out a call in April 2012 for 12 inch 8 pointed star blocks in the school's colors of Red, White and Black. The idea came to me as I drove home from visiting my niece (Danny's sister) and her family the morning after her house burnt to the ground. It was close and luckily everyone got out safely, but barely. To say that it shook all of us to our core to know just how close we came to losing more family members is a huge understatement.

At that time, I was in the midst of working on many other quilts and there was no way I could have made these blocks myself. So my loyal readers came to my rescue and sent these gorgeous blocks.
The variety of 8 pointed stars and Red, White and Black fabrics truly worked together to create one fabulous and very special quilt.

Why did I specifically request 8 pointed stars? It was Danny's jersey number and that jersey is what he is buried in (along with his favorite Spiderman jammie pants.)
While I love each and every block sent for different reasons, I love this one the most because of the baseball square center. Danny was a star athlete on both the football and baseball fields.
My quilter at the time Dianne did the impossible and quilted this baby in 24 hours. I can never thank her enough for dropping all her other quilts for the day and getting this one done for me fast so that it was ready for the tournament.
The label includes all the names of those that helped make this quilt (along with the companion quilt made from the extra blocks) a reality. I will forever be in each of these ladies' debt.
The backing is a really cool circle print and I pieced the simple white star that I received in the exact middle.
 It seemed fitting.
This is the companion quilt, Remembering Danny.
In the end, in a very magical and mystical moment that we are sure Danny himself had a hand in, both quilts ended up staying in the family. You can read that story if you like on my original reveal post.

As I've mentioned before, next year will be the 10th and final year of the softball tournament. I think Danny's mom is ready to close this chapter and we will certainly do it up in grand style. Another quilt raffle is being planned for next year and hopefully if all the stars align, my idea will again become a reality and a lot of money will be raised for the scholarship fund. In 2012, with proceeds from the fund, a new scoreboard was erected at the football field and next year something special and long lasting will be done for the baseball team.
Danny truly embodied all that is good in teens and sportsmanship. He wasn't perfect but he really was a good kid.  As quoted in the event's story by Kevin Edwards of the Wayne Independent
"Danny Branning was a 16-year-old standout, multi-sport athlete.The always-affable, ever-smiling, mischievous lad starred in football and baseball. He was an up & coming quarterback on the grid and a tough-as-nails catcher on the diamond."
To know that Danny will always be remembered is heart warming and to know that other kids will continue to learn about him and his dedication to his sports will always be a comfort.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Registration deadline extended

Have you heard? It's not too late.
You can still enter in American Made Brand's Farm to Fabric Challenge.
The deadline to enter has been extended to August 31st so you still have 4 weeks to create your original design.
The quilts selected will be premiered a special exhibit at the International Quilt Market and Festival this fall. How exciting is that?

What do you need to do? You design a quilt made exclusively with Clothwork's American Made Brand fabrics and submit your idea by the end of August. Notifications will go out by September 5th as to which quilts are accepted and they are due in Houston by October 1st.

This is an exciting opportunity for those up for the challenge and wanting to get one of their quilt designs shown at perhaps the biggest quilting event of the year. Don't wait. Get your design submitted today.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Stunning Stitchin Sunday

Here we are's Sunday and that means it is time for another installment in my Stunning Stitchin Sunday series.
It seems to me that so many of you are talking about it being the end of summer and the kiddos starting back to school soon. Nooooooo! Well at least for us, that isn't the case. My kiddos start school the Wednesday after Labor Day so we still have 4 more weeks of fun to enjoy. But before you lament about how much summer we still have left, be aware that our school year ends much later, their last day of school was June 25th. That is the way it has always been here in New York and I'm expecting when the time comes that we are ready to get out of NY and head a bit south, the change will be tough to get used to. is today's showcase of stunning stitchin for you to enjoy.

Have a great day! I've got more painting to do on the bookshelves for our playroom/library and hope to get back into my studio to do some sewing on the pillows and table runners that I'm working on. Plus there is the 100 Good Wishes Quilt to lay out and a few that need to be quilted. Oh yeah, I also need to hit the grocery store at some point too and run back to a store to buy the new purse I saw yesterday while birthday shopping for my BFF. It promises to be a busy day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

In the works and AMB tote giveaway winner

I tried to get this post written yesterday but that just didn't happen. Our computer went all berserk and then refused to reboot. This happened around Christmas time too. I told hubby it is TIME to get it replaced before it crashes for good and this momma loses important stuff.

Anyway there has been a bit of this and that going on in my studio. I got my Yellow blocks done for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
I cut up a bunch of Green and Blue scraps to use as a leader/ender project. I'm loving the fact that I have a 2nd quilt in process while I work on my main project.
Recent days has also seen me cut up this pile of squares. What might they be for you wonder?
They are going to get turned into another 100 Good Wishes Quilt, for the daughter of another friend. I'll also be putting together the scrapbook with the wishes.
Here are all 144 pieces ready to go. I decided that I didn't like the original pattern that I was going to use for this so I had to come up with an alternate plan. Stay tuned to see.
I've also been playing with these beauties. It is Kate Spain's newest line Horizon, which is coming out in September. The colors are just gorgeous.
A few days back, while skimming through block books for ideas for future event, I had a lighting bolt moment and quickly sat at our desk and drafted it out on graph paper (Yes I still need to learn how to use my EQ but at least it is loaded into the computer now). I made some test blocks and I'm really glad that I did. It helped me see where I need to change up the pattern to make it easier. Unfortunately this is a secret project so I can't show you more than a tiny peek of what's to come. It is really exciting too.
Lastly I need to announce the winner of this American Made Brand market tote.
Mr. Random chose the number that correlates to my friend Sharon's comment.

Vroomans' Quilts said...I advertised the AMB back in May I have 2 entries - per their instructions, they cannot be shown in any way or you get disqualified - so I have kept these under wraps

Congratulations Sharon! I already have your address so I will be sending off your info to Clothworks and I'm sure your market tote will be arriving in a few days. I know that Sharon is working on a project for the Farm to Fabric Challenge  (there is still time to enter yourself) and I can't wait to see what she is designing.

Have a great day all! I'm hoping this afternoon will be a productive one in my studio.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Stunning Stitchin Sunday and AMB tote bag giveaway reminder

There is still time to enter to win this market tote from American Made Brand fabrics.
A surprise package arrived a couple of days ago and inside was one of these fabulous totes for me, a gift from Clothworks for participating in the American Made Brand Blog Tour. It really is a great tote and is now going to be one of my go-to-the-quilt-store shopping bags. Entries close at Midnight tomorrow so hop on over to the giveaway post and enter to win one of your very own.

This week's Stunning Stitchin Sunday post includes a couple of new participants.
I hope you enjoy all of today's showcase.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Are you up for a challenge plus a Giveaway

For me, participating in the American Made Brand Blog Tour was a blast. It really got my creative designer juices flowing and has pushed me onto designing more.
You could become a designer too. You could have your quilt displayed at the International Quilt Market and Festival in Houston this fall! You could become insanely famous!!!!!!

Ok so maybe not that last part. But you never know where one quilt design will lead you. All you have to do is to enter American Made Brand's Farm to Fabric Challenge.
You design a quilt made exclusively with Clothwork's American Made Brand fabrics and submit your idea by August 15th. Notifications will go out by September 5th as to which quilts are accepted and they are due in Houston by October 1st.

If you've ever wanted to have one of your quilts, something that you designed and then made reality with fabric, in a prestigious show now is your chance. Submit your entry today! All the details can be found here.

American Made Brand wants to spread the word about this fabulous challenge far and wide and I'm more than happy to help and just for doing so, they are sponsoring another giveaway for one of my readers. To the winner they will send this great American Made Brand market tote, sans veggies unfortunately.
It is 13' x 15” and is perfect for visiting farmer’s markets or toting a sewing project. The logo is printed on both sides and, of course, the bag is also made in the US of A. : )

To get your chance to win, I'd like for you to help spread the word about this Farm to Fabric Challenge too.
For each shout out on your own blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other social media site that I can't think of at this early hour, you will get one entry. Plus anyone who is submitting a quilt design to the challenge gets a bonus entry. In (1) comment each, just tell me all of the entry possibilities you are doing.

The giveaway will close at Midnight, Monday July 28th and the winner will be announced on Tuesday. Let's light up the interweb about this fabulous opportunity. If you've ever had big designing dreams, this could be your moment.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stunning Stitchin Sunday and Classic Metal Company giveaway winner

A lot of people are taking breaks from their normal quilting routine so there hasn't been as much blogging activity to read about but there is still a lovely lineup of stunning stitchin to share with you today.

I hope you enjoy them.
I also get the fun of announcing the winner of the Classic Metal Company barn quilt and ruler holder giveaway. These barn quilts are so fabulous and I wish that each of you could win one of your own but unfortunately there can only be one winner of the giveaway.

Mr. Random did his usual precise work and he named the winner
Sarah Craig said...And I shared about the giveaway on Facebook!!! Woohoo! Thanks for all the chances at such a great giveaway! 

I know that Sarah had been crossing her fingers and hoping that she'd win and I'm so happy for her. Congratulations Sarah. Thank you to everyone that entered and even though you didn't win, you can still add the beauty of a Classic Metal Company barn quilt to your home. I love mine and I know that you will too.
I've decided to be a little stinker and not send Sarah an email to her letting her know that today is her lucky day. Instead I'm going to wait for her to read this blog post to find out the happy news. I wonder how long it will take her to see this.
I hope you all have a fantastic week and I'll be back soon to show you what I'm working on now.